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Realtors, how much more money will you make when I teach you how to

Double Your Commission

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Are You Like I Was?

  1. Always feeling pressure from CLIENTS to lower your commission?
  2. Always feeling pressure from the COMPETITION to lower your commission?
  3. Sick of getting small listings with little payoff?
  4. Would like to make TWICE AS MUCH on each listing while providing great value to your clients?

Everything changed when I figured out how to get
10% listing contracts.

Confession: I am not a great realtor. I do great work for my clients, and I serve them well. But I don’t get tons of leads and I don’t close hundreds of deals. I don’t want to! I’m wrapped up in too many hobbies and business endeavors to chase around so many clients all day.

In fact, I almost quit Real Estate because I kept getting listings for houses that weren’t worth much ($50k and under). They simply weren’t worth the money to me. Since I didn’t want a ton of listings, and the listings I was getting were not that big, I needed to figure out a way to make MORE per listing. And I did!

As an adjunct professor of psychology and philosophy, I figured my problems with my commission were economical and psychological. I figured there must be an economic tool that could be leveraged to charge MORE, not LESS, for my services. I figured there must be a way to challenge the assumptions, both in myself and in my clients, about what the commission IS that would open up the negotiation in profitable ways.

It will work for you or it’s free

People WANT to pay you a higher commission.

Stop letting them whittle your commission down! Stop compromising!

The system is not magic. For me it works about 50-60% of the time, and on some listings the system doesn't work simply because the system isn't appropriate for that listing (this course will teach you which listings aren't appropriate). So the system isn't right for every listing, but when it IS right, WHOAH! Does it work!


Standard Commission

Average Commission on this home with a standard listing contract:


small-house Consider a modest listing: a home listed at $180,000.

Double My Commission

Average commission using the Double My Commission system:


That’s an increase of about $3,600 on just ONE listing!

I want to show you how to do this. You can do it! These are simple principles and economic dynamics. There’s no pressure sales, or magic scripts, and your clients will be HAPPY to participate. Don’t let another listing pass you by!
First 20 People Save 50%!

The course is straightforward — Less than an hour! No fluff! You can be done with it by the end of your lunch break! But, the system works because not many Realtors use it. For that reason, I must limit how many students I allow in each geographic area. So sign up NOW!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you apply my teaching and do not make your tuition back in your first year, you will receive a FULL refund.
Guarantee Details

Course Duration: 1 Hour

STOP negotiating your commission away! This 1 hour rapid-fire course will show you how to secure your commission, then DOUBLE it.

You Will Learn:

  1. To identify the REAL forces that cause us to compromise our commission.
  2. To show your clients why they want to pay MORE commission, not less.
  3. To master the real estate triangle to make more money and to serve your clients better.
  4. To overcome all of the common arguments against paying an 8%, 10%, or even 12% commission.


Anna-Thompson "Totally opened my mind to new possibilities" -Anna Thompson, Northwoods Realty
marcus-johannes "I've seen it work over and over again." -Marcus Johannes, Edina Realty

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Special Promotion for the first 20 students:

Because this program is new, I am offering the first 20 students a coupon for 50% Off, so that I can get some word of mouth. You will get this whole system for $700. You will make this back in less than one transaction! And, if it doesn't work after a year of trying it, your money is refunded. You can't afford to wait on this!

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